India touch impex has established in 1979.we are the manufacture and exporters of all type of metal products, especially lighting fixture, accessories, decorative, industrial, utility and technical items with excellent quality, high end quality,
"we are 100% manufacture and exporters"
OUR HISTORY - In earlier time we make auto piston.
Today’s more then at any other time in our history, we feel we are in better position as a full provider of all metals products.
FACTORY - Our factory area is 8000sq. feet R.C.C. structure is fully covered and 3000sq feet area is open.“We do all work in house. We have 10 employs (all are employed)”.

We have all types lattes machinery
1. Lath machine
2. Turning machine
3. Milling machine
4. Power press
5. Punching press
6. Organ machine
7. Heavy turning machine

Plating plant
Casting foundry
Powder coating

COSTOMERS - Direct costomer ( Allied brass inc , )

COSTOMERS - Indirect supplies by other exporters - (Restoration hardware, America retold, Cost plus, Z gallerie. pottery barn, west elm, Target )

Aluminum - (lights, lights fixture, lamps, garden furniture, coat rack. Coat hanger, birdfeeder, bird house, candle holder, charger plates, benches, chairs, wall planters
Hardware, hurricanes, books ands tables etc)
Iron - Garden doors,
Iron. - ( gardens furniture, furniture, table, chairs, fire tools, fire screen, food step, cast iron railings, polls, benches, book ends etc)
Cast iron – garden furniture, book end, hard ware, lamps, wall haning, door matt, foot step, and others products, table top products,
Brass – Brass doors, Brass Entrance doors,
Brass - (industrieal lamps, tech. lamps, chandelier, lamps. Lights fixture, bath fittings, bath accessories, towel stands, towel rack, curtains rods, candle stands. Hard ware,

Stainless steel - (furniture’s, curtains rods, table’s ands etc.)